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Monika Werkstatt

10 female artists from the Monika-Enterprise label travelled from Berlin to Uckermark. They opened up new forms of interaction and creative dialogue which found them falling into a process without any clear beginnings or ends. The end result was a beautiful and sonically rich album.

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Monika Werkstatt at Jewish Museum Berlin
April 26/27 2019

Monika Werkstatt at Berlin Gallery Weekend!

the collective will perform its "Ambient Werkstatt" in various formations inside the installation situated in two of the famous Voids of the Libeskind building.

They will immerse the light installation res·o·nant by Mischa Kuball with electronic sounds. It will be the third experimental live gig in the installation space, following performances by bassist William Parker and Detroit techno mainstay Mike Banks.

more info here

The event takes place at the
Jewish Museum
Lindenstraße 9-14, 10969 Berlin

Fotografin Jule Roehr

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