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was a month-long residency at the Uferstudios, Berlin, in November-December 2019.
Read about the concept and find the whole programm here

I started my artistic practise in the residency by doing research about the theme of baking as a symbol of birthing. read my research consept here.

photo Robert Brandes


First performance: Tendrils
︎merja kokkonen & samin son

Tendrils is a performative voice experiment with living sculptures made of wheat protein. On the second and third day after preparation these strings of dough are very soft and strechy. As they dry out, they turn into bone-like sticks.

listen ︎

to our enchanting chant session at Greenhaus Berlin

Second performance: Breadheads a.k.a shamanistic rolling pins
︎merja kokkonen & tatu rönkkö

in this performative concert we took a shamanistic view of the theme of baking. Wearing masks made of bread and using cutlery and bowls as the sound source, we investigated the sounds of hunger.

listen ︎

to a clip from the performance


third performance:
our mother the oven
︎merja kokkonen & simo vassinen

in our performance we visited our shared memories of saunas, wombs and ovens in the darkest season of the year. Through music, storytelling and dance, we explored heat, birth, cleansing, purification, disinfection and comfort – as well as breads that do not rise and bodies that are cared for one last time.


Heart Leech


photo by Yozy Zhang Garvey

Islaja and Simo Vassinen start off their mutual flirtation by considering what dadaism can teach us about life on Earth 100 years after the birth of the movement. Dada chose nonsense as its tool to express emotions in a world sliding into war. Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven lived dada to the most, yet was often neglected because she was a woman.
What are the divisions between living beings that today block our togetherness?

below poems by Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven (1874-1927) reimagined


Dead Season


Dead Season was a collaborative production between Showcase Beat le Mot
and Monika Werkstatt

We performed it four times at HAU1 (more info here)

...and the whole performance on

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